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RV-NB70B iPod Dock & CD Boomblaster w/ Guitar Input

RRP $599.00

Can't find a satisfying boombox? Deep bass fans, rejoice! Here's the BoomBlaster - a massive boombox from JVC, complete with an iPod dock, CD Player, USB port, and Guitar/Audio input!. Savour the matchless dynamic bass from the twin super woofers. Rock the house and the streets with loud, incredible bass from the BoomBlaster!

 The BoomBlaster Speaker Structure

No other boombox comes close to JVC's BoomBlaster with its overpowering, dynamic bass. The twin 13cm super woofers on either end of the unit deliver deep, powerful bass and the dedicated super woofer level control lets you adjust the bass level. The bass-reflex ducts located on the front create more aggressive deep bass. Hip-hop, house, techno, or rock fans -if you like cranking up the bass to feel your music, then this is the unit for you. Tweak the sound to fit your taste with the 4 EQ presets: Flat, Beat, Pop, and Clear.

You like it loud, but hate it when the sound gets muddy? Well, that's what sets the BoomBlaster apart from other boomboxes. You get both deep bass AND clear quality sound. The secret lies in its unique design. The tube-shaped cabinet has no resonance-causing flat areas, while the super woofer units are symmetrically-driven back-to-back for minimum chassis vibration. The front speaker cabinets have an isolated structure, which cuts out the low frequency vibrations inside, and creates clear high/mid-range sound to complement the bass.

Guitar or Microphone Input

Don't be held back by bulky amplifiers that you can't take anywhere, plug your guitar straight in to the JVC Boomblaster and jam on the streets with your mates, if you don't have string skills and vocals are your strength you can even plug in a microphone and sing your way to fame! Perfect for any street performer or just to have a sweet portable system to take your tunes everywhere you need to go.

Boombox with iPod Dock

Play your iPod our loud! The RV-NB70 is the first BoomBlaster that comes with a direct iPod dock. On the centre of theboombox is a dock with a transparent “twist and lock” door where your iPod can be mounted safely. The dedicated iPod control keys offer smooth operation.Playing songs from iPod on boombox is so smart and smooth. Impress your friends by unlocking the dock and bringing forth your iPod.The docked iPod can be operated on the boombox as well as from the remote control. And of course, the iPod will get charged.

MP3/WMA playback on boombox

The boom box still has lots more to offer even without an iPod! MP3 and WMAmusic can be played directly from digital audio players and USB memory sticks via the BoomBlaster's USB port.For example, just copy your favourite songs in MP3 or WMA format from your PC onto a USB memory stick, plug it into the USB port, and press the USB playback key on the boombox. That's all! Quick and simple.If you prefer listening to a CD, open the “twist and lock” cover on top and set your disc. BoomBlaster's tube design maintains minimum vibration for stable playback. The boombox also comes with a FM radio tuner - your favorite radio programs will sound like new with the powerful vibes.

Carry the ghettoblaster with the shoulder strap!

The RV-NB70 boombox comes with a shoulder strap. How about carrying this ghettoblaster around in the cool 80's old school style? Take the portable sound system wherever you want - out on the street, on your holiday, or maybe even to your work place. Carry the ghettoblaster on your shoulder and play powerful music for that street performer feeling.
Whether it's street dance, hip-hop, breakdance, or jumpstyle, this ghettoblaster provides the vital bass beat for dancing. Wherever you take the boombox will become the dance floor. So feel the rhythm in full blast, and dance till you drop!

Portable battery-driven boombox, ideal for outdoor activities.

You can get boombox music playing wherever you want. Indoors or outdoors, the portable RV-NB70 boombox can deliver dynamic sound with ten R20/D (13F) batteries.
The boombox's robust body allows you to take it on outdoor activities such as camping and sports activities. Whether it's CD, FM radio, iPod or other USB devices, enjoy your music in the open air.

Instant boost for your car with powerful boombox

Ride your car with BoomBlaster's powerful super woofers. The RV-NB70 boombox is compatible with a 12V DC car battery. Enjoy a customised car stereo system with high-grade woofers on the road, which you can easily take out to play outdoors off the road. Take your car's stereo system to the next level, without changing a thing

Large boombox: powerful presence in your room

The large BoomBlaster also works well as a powerful audio system for your room, reproducing dynamic and high quality sound. The remote control allows you to operate a docked iPod from your sofa. The boombox's powerful presence will give a unique touch to your room décor.
The boombox is available in black, silver, or white. Play loud music on the BoomBlaster and your room will turn into a night club. How about throwing a dance party? The large boombox with presence in a unique tube design is sure to be the envy of your friends.

Boombox with quality loud sound - perfect for sports

A loud-playing boombox with enough power to blast the whole studio is required for sports exercise or dance classes. The RV-NB70 boombox provides a total 40W of loud, wide-spreading sound with the super twin ducts. Unlike other boomboxes with high volume settings, the BoomBlaster is originally designed for playing loud. You can enjoy clear, quality sound, even when played in full volume.
There are boundless situations for playing music on the BoomBlaster, in clear and high quality sound. For example, if you want to play music during a sports activity or at a noisy work site, or have background music that goes